2020 vs 2021

New Year…New Goals

This time last year I decided, for the first time ever, not to set resolutions. I never kept to them. I think it was the term resolution. It just seems so finale. It doesn’t seem to give me the option of working towards it. It is an all or nothing concept to me. So I decided to set goals instead. To many they are the same things, but I see goals differently. I can break down goals into mini steps in order to achieve them.

So did I achieve my 2020 goals? Erm…One of them, yes. The other 2…I’m still working on them. Honest!

I gave myself the goals of completing the Sophie’s Universe Blanket I have been working on for the last 3 years, finishing the year with only one WIP and also to run a 5k!

Can you guess which one I actually managed? Not the Sophie’s Universe Blanket…which should have been easy enough to complete considering the sheer amount of time we have all spent at home since March. Finishing the year with only one WIP? That may have been a silly goal to put down. I mean what knitter or crocheter only has one piece of work on the go at the same time?

I did run a 5k though. In fact, I ran a lot of them. I even ran a lot of 10k and a couple of half marathons too. It was my goal to run a 5k race. However, Covid stopped that but the race went on virtually meaning I got my medal. I then signed up to run a lot more and gained a lot more medals.

What about 2021 Goals?

Life is just a series of obstacles postcard
Life is just a series of obstacles postcard

I am going to keep my goal of completing that Sophie’s Universe Blanket by Christmas. I don’t want it to gather more dust, plus I want the bag it is currently residing in back. I also want to knit a jumper for me. I can knit…just not brilliantly and I really want to do more than just to stocking stitch or garter stitch. I want to do colourwork too! It’ll probably take me all year to make that one. And my final goal for 2021 is to be selfish with my crochet and knitting. Say what!?!

Yep…selfish! I want to make more for me. So much of my personal knitting and crochet time is quite often taken up making for others because they ask me to, which means I get left out. Not this year. I am focusing this year on me. I think that this goal has to be the hardest one as being selfish is just not in my nature. I’m not saying I won’t make things for other people throughout the year, just significantly reduce it.

We’ll see how it all goes. How about you? Are you setting yourself any goals this year?

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