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Hook It Yourself Mini Box
Hook It Yourself Mini Box

So many of you really wanted to try our boxes but didn’t fancy making baby items so we listened and created our brand new Mini Boxes!

These boxes are still full of yarn and goodies but won’t contain a pattern in the box itself. I will be putting together a list of suggested patterns for both knitters and crocheters though which will be available. This box will really let you use your imagination.

Let’s take a closer look at these boxes! I put together a few sample boxes to give you an idea of what they may contain. You would receive upto 200g of yarn. This may be acryclic, cotton, hemp, bamboo or similar which would be suitable for vegans as well as I have had lots of requests for this option. In regards to colour, this will also be very different each month but a complete surprise until you open your box. Think solids, brights, pastels, variagated, ombre…if you can think it then it could be coming in the next box.

Just like our main boxes you will also receive goodies and treats. If you have previously had or followed our main boxes then you will know that the gifts and treats each month are varied. They could include handmade stitch markers, special buttons, yarn holders, stickers, notebooks, pens…all related somehow to yarn and the craft!

As well as these you will also still receive a postcard and tea/coffee and a sweet treat too. Why? Well, why not?

Hook It Yourself Mini Box
Hook It Yourself Mini Box

The best thing about this box is that if you upload a photo of whatever you make with your yarn to social media using our super special hashtag then you will be entered into the draw to win a prize! I will run this each month so everybody will have the chance.

The price of this box is much cheaper than our baby box at just £10 plus postage

There are just a few days left to purchase the June Mini Box which will be our very first one and believe me when I say it is amazing! Use this link here which will take you right to it!

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