August 2021 Mini Yarn Subscription Box

The Mini box this month contained 2 balls of Hayfield Spirit DK in the colourway ‘Joy’. It is a beautiful acrylic yarn with 20% wool that is hardwearing and fully machine washable. Perfect for clothing for the upcoming autumn, it is also fabulous for adding a touch of colour without having to swap and change yarn colours.

Subscribers also found an incredibly handy Hug Light! I have had one of these for some time now and I wouldn’t be without it. Once you have inserted the batteries, you can just click the buttons on the lights. One click for low light, 2 clicks for medium light and 3 clicks for high light. Then just click again to turn off! They are so handy to pop around your neck and the foam arms mean it is very comfortable.

The mini box doesn’t contain any patterns but I have put together a list of patterns that would be perfect for the yarn. This list comprises of both knitting and crochet patterns which are just a suggestion as to what you could make. Use these ideas as a springboard for your own. I would love to see what you come up with. You can also see all of these over on our Pinterest Board here

Here are the knitting patterns that I fell in love with and would perfectly with the yarn. Some are paid for patterns and some a free patterns.

Next up, the Crochet patterns!

Don’t forget to use our super special hashtag #hiyminibox when posting your photos of completed items to social media. You will be in with the chance to win 50% off your next mini box – Don’t worry if you bought the next box already or are a 12 month subscriber. If you win you will receive a 50% refund straight back to your account!

If you haven’t done already why not sign up for the September Mini Yarn Subscription Box? It’s going to be another amazing box! Check it out here

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