Colour Pack 2 Pattern Ideas

The next colour pack is now available and there are some wonderful patterns out there which a perfect for 100% cotton yarn. I’ve compiled a list of some fantastic patterns for accessories and homeware, some free and some paid which would be fantastic for the James C Brett ‘It’s Pure Cotton’ yarn

  1. Granny Goes Shopping Tote Bag

This gorgeous granny square bag is perfect for popping to the shops. You can even line this bag to make it even sturdier. This pattern is perfect for a beginner who knows how to make a granny square. Just imagine this bag in these spring colours. You can find this pattern as free Ravelry download

2. Boho Crochet Bag

This is the perfect time to get started on making a gorgeous bag which has an incredible festival vibe to it. I know that the festivals have all been cancelled right now due to the current Covid – 19 epidemic but you would be ready for the summer and right on trend with this bag. You would have enough yarn to make a gorgeous multicoloured boho inspired bag. Find this one here

3. Easy Baskets

Baskets are absolutely fabulous around the house and are perfect for anything. You can use crochet baskets to store toys and bits and bobs. Use them in the bathroom for cotton pads, in the hall for those keys that you may just throw on the side. Why not use one in the bedroom to pop the loose change from your pockets or jewellery. I even have one in my bedroom for bobbles and clips. This particular pattern is brilliant as you can make these baskets even bigger! Pop over to Ravelry to find this free download

4. Wreaths

There is nothing nicer than crocheting some incredible and really unique decorative items for your home. Crocheted wreaths can be displayed all year round. I have several which I use at various times of the year. One I haven’t made yet is the springtime wreath from Attic 24! Why not pop over to Attic 24 and check out the pattern

5. Cushions

Who doesn’t love snuggling down on the sofa with a brew and some comfy cushions to prop yourself up on. There are hundreds of patterns out there for crocheted ones and using cotton yarn would mean that they are harder wearing but still lovely and soft. One of my favourite ones is this chevron styled cushion from a Norwegian based crocheter who has translated this pattern into English.

6. Coasters and Place Mats

I made some crocheted place mats several years ago and they have been used practically every night at the dinner table and they still look brand new. Cotton yarn is incredibly hard wearing as well as showing fantastic stitch definition. Again there are hundreds of patterns available both free and paid ones. Here is a pattern for a simple coaster pattern but you can find so many more intricate ones with a simple search on Ravelry. Why not look at doilies too…not for use in the traditional sense but there are some gorgeous ones out there which you can use as placemats. You can even go one step further with place mats and sew them to felt which will help them last even longer

There are so many more patterns out there which you could follow for this yarn. It is perfect for blankets and garments too. Why not have a look on Ravelry to see what you can find. Use the really handy filters to search for specific yarns, weights and project categories to narrow down your search

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