Customer Takeover – August 2020 Baby Crochet Box

August 2020 Baby Crochet Subscription Box
August 2020 Baby Crochet Subscription Box

I have been a happy subscriber of the “Hook it Yourself” boxes since March 2019.  I initially started the boxes as even though I was an experienced crocheter, I really lacked confidence with sewing up any of my projects.  Each of the boxes comes with a pattern for a garment to make for a baby (new-born up to 1 year old) so this seemed like the perfect solution so have a go at honing my sewing skills.  Sarah also has a brilliant knack for choosing yarns that I would have never chosen for myself – I generally shy away from anything thinner than a Double Kitting weight, but Sarah has chosen some fabulous yarns that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’ve loved them.

So, to this month’s box…

Upon opening, you see that it is all wrapped up nicely with white tissue paper and some lemon ribbon… which is the clue to the colour this month!  There is Sarah’s usual friendly newsletter with all her thoughts behind everything that she has included in the box.  She wants us to be able to reuse the tissue and ribbon to wrap up our finished items – great idea as I NEVER have wrapping materials to hand!

Next up, I’m greeted by this month’s cheerful postcard: “It’s not just a hobby. It’s a post-apocalyptic life skill.” Hilarious! I LOVE these, they always put a smile on my face.

Underneath the postcard is the main event… the yarn!  This month it is Stylecraft Wondersoft Baby Double Knitting in soft yellow shade called “Buttercup.”  Now, I’m not usually a fan of yellow, I can’t lie about that, however, this shade is almost ice-cream yellow (think thick, Cornish cream!) and I think it will look beautiful once made up.  Not to mention, it is silky soft, I’ve not tried this yarn before so I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

One of the things that Sarah tries to do with each box, is to make sure that she has picked relatively neutral colours so that all the garments can be made up to give to either a baby boy or girl.  We have had some truly scrumptious yarns, one of my favourites was Sirdar Snuggly Doodle DK in shade called Trunkie (grey with rainbow flecks)

The rest of the box is filled with some fabulously useful goodies this month.  There is the pattern included. This particular month it’s a pattern with the option to make a little jacket or a blanket… I think I may go for the blanket; the yarn will be so squishy for a new-born. 

Attached to the pattern there is one of the best, most useful gifts we’ve had so far, a magnetic pattern marker!  I’m forever losing my place when crocheting so this will be perfect to mark exactly where I am; it simply snaps on around the paper.  Genius.

Also included is a little finger tension guide.  I’ve never used one of these before but I’m eager to give it a go – my tension is sometimes a little off when making garments, so this will be a welcome addition to my case of crochet gadgets.  There are also matching buttons if you choose to make the jacket (this month they’re cute yellow buttons) and there’s always a “Crocheted with Love” sew in label to add to your finished projects.

Finally, Sarah always includes a little sachet of coffee or a teabag along with something tasty (Biscoff biscuit anyone?)  as a treat while we get to work on whatever we’ve chosen to make!

It’s not just a hobby. It’s a post apocalyptic life skill!

I love the flexibility of these boxes.  In the past, I have had a pattern from another box kept to one side and then a new yarn arrive which “asks” to be made into the other pattern.  Sarah is SO good at pairing the patterns and yarns, but she also loves to see where inspiration takes us.  I genuinely love that we get to try yarns that I would never have picked up otherwise.  My favourite yarn was from a box last year which included a beautiful “Fuga” yarn in the most gorgeous copper colour – I would have never tried this yarn If it weren’t for these boxes.  Sarah is incredibly supportive when it comes to deciphering patterns and she’s always got a pattern recommendation up her sleeve if you’re looking for something. 

Along with her monthly box, I have also ordered several of the colour packs that she has put together, I’ve tried the “Girls Crochet Box” which is patterns and yarns for little girls about 1-year-old and I’ve also ordered some of the fabulous Scheepjes yarn that she stocks too. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my review of this month’s box; I’m clearly a fan of these boxes and what Sarah has started here. 

Ellen x

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