Sparkle Star Bauble Stitch Markers



Beautiful lightweight bauble style stitch markers filled with sparkly stars available in a variety of colours

A cute set of 3 handmade bauble stitch markers with a large and easily opened clasp which can be used for knitters or crocheters.

Can be used in knitting needles upt0 10mm



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Stitch markers are available in sets of 3 in a variety of colours

Bauble approx 16mm



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Deep Pink (Gold Clasp), Blue (Silver Clasp), Green (Silver Clasp), White (Silver Clasp), Pastel Pink (Silver Clasp), Lilac (Silver Clasp), Midnight Blue (Silver Clasp), Multicoloured (Silver Clasp), Pale Pink (Gold Clasp), Light Green (Gold Clasp), Light Blue (Gold Clasp), Pink Mix, Blue/White Mix, Pastel Mix, Lemon (Gold Clasp), Pink (Silver Clasp), Deep Pink (Silver Clasp), Silver, Gold, Light Green (Silver Clasp), Lemon (Silver Clasp), Orange, Light Blue (Silver Clasp)

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