Notions and Potions!

Any knitter or crocheter will tell you that along with their hooks, needles, yarns and patterns they will also have a plethora of other bits and pieces which are pretty essential to their craft. All of these little bits help to build up the essential toolkit and make yarn craft so much easier Scissors/Snips – […]

Yarns and Fibres – What is it made from?

So you have your hooks or needles, you know what weight of yarn you are needing to use but what about the type of yarn? The fibre content! Just like there is with most things to do with crochet and knitting, there are a lot of different choices. There are quite a few things to […]

What’s the deal with yarn weights?

And I don’t mean how heavy they are! Yarn comes in several different weights. This relates to the thickness of the yarn, on how thick or thin it is! Traditionally, yarn can be categorised into one of 7 different weight classes. When crocheting or knitting you really do need to consider the weight of the […]

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